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Upgrades can be daunting.  Based on previous experience, you might be sharing one – or all – of the following concerns: 

  • Will my employees see value in the new features? Will they use it effectively? What if we see a productivity dip?

  • How long will it take to upgrade? Can I get up and running fast?

  • Does my team have the bandwidth? What’s the upgrade and ongoing management cost? What if I don’t have the infrastructure and staff to handle it?

  • Will upgrading be difficult with my highly customized solution? How can I leverage best practices?

Your concerns are real, but they aren’t as hard to overcome as you think.   Don’t let these concerns keep you from experiencing the benefits of Windchill 11.  Only PTC Global Services gets you up and running quickly with the right approach to your upgrade.

Take the pain out of upgrading.

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PTC Global Services offers a complete set of services to make your Windchill 11 Upgrade successful:

  • Training & Adoption Services: Learn the exciting new features of Windchill 11 with a variety of end-user training options and role-based adoption programs
  • Upgrade Services: Upgrade fast and without disruption to your systems and infrastructure
  • Re-hosting Services in the PTC Cloud: Move your solution to PTC Cloud for cost savings and predictability
  • Optimization Services: Healthchecks to drive the most value from your upgrade by assessing readiness across people, process, solution performance, and de-customization
  • PTC Navigate Services: Take advantage of IoT with enablement and rapid deployment services for PTC Navigate

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