Session Details

Presentation abstracts of the PTC Executive Exchange ALM 2016.

Requirements Management for PLM

Derek Piette, PTC

According to CIO Magazine, “as many as 71% of software projects that fail do so because of poor requirements management, making it the single biggest reason for project failure”. Is your company best-in-class when it comes to managing product requirements? This session will explore common challenges and best practices for managing requirements in PTC Windchill environments. Attendees will learn about how PTC Windchill customers can manage requirements in PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager and trace them directly to their product data in order to create a single source of truth for rich requirements data that can be linked to products or parts throughout the product lifecycle.

Building seamless tool chains using OSLC

Andrea Leitner, Virtual Vehicle Research Center & Christoph Bräuchle, PTC

A major challenge in today’s development of complex embedded and connected cyber-physical systems is the often loose coupling between engineering tools, which could lead to inconsistencies and errors due to the manual transfer of data. Open formats and specifications raise expectations for seamlessly integrated tool chains for systems engineering combining best-of-breed technologies and tools of different tool vendors.

The ARTEMIS JU project CRYSTAL aims for a harmonized interoperability specification (IOS) incorporating various open specifications and standards such as OSLC (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration), ReqIF (Requirements Interchange Format) or FMI (Functional Mockup Interface) for supporting seamless model-based systems engineering. The Virtual Vehicle Research Center, AVL List GmbH and PTC cooperated in this project to build an automotive demonstrator based on OSLC. The demonstrator shows the integration of lifecycle management and engineering tools in an automotive use case including requirements engineering, modeling, and simulation. The talk will focus on the experiences of integrating tools using OSLC. We will report the advantages, but also the remaining challenges we experienced in the implementation of an automotive use case.

Design and Simulation of Complex IoT Systems

Hedley Apperly, PTC

This session introduces Agile Systems Engineering with the PTC Model-based Systems Engineering Solution, including the new PTC Integrity Modeler 8.3. A real world automotive example is used to demonstrate these ground breaking Agile capabilities for cross-discipline system architectures, simulation for stakeholders, connectivity to product data, and modular system design for parallel scrum teams and product line variability.