Webcast: How an Engineering BOM can Accelerate Product Development

Discover How iRobot Accelerates their Product Development Processes by using Engineering BOMs within Windchill.

In this webcast, Kar Dehal of iRobot and Steve Shaw of PTC discuss how using an Engineering BOM in Windchill can accelerate product development.

Learn how to:

  • Manage a bill of materials that accurately reflects all the items in a product – mechanical, electrical, artwork, packaging, and documentation
  • Easily find information related to specific components and assemblies, such as inspection documents, assembly instructions, datasheets, and analysis files
  • Leverage existing Windchill features such as “where used” and “BOM compare”

Kar Dehal imageKar Dehal, Windchill Business Lead, iRobot
Kar is a mechanical engineer and a Windchill administrator with over 10 years of experience designing products, implementing PLM systems, and managing engineering data. For the last 3 years, Kar has focused on administering Windchill which has included the integration of ECAD data into Windchill and overhauling the Change Management Process.

Steve ShawSteve Shaw, Global Product Development Solutions Director, PTC
Steve has over 16 years of industry experience in product design and development and has worked with companies worldwide to help them better manage product data.